Blue Derby Pods

13 Dec, 2018

Blue Derby Pods Ride is a three-day mountain biking experience based from unique and exclusive off-the-grid accommodation Pods in Derby,…

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Transitional Feed-In Tariff

26 Nov, 2018

End of the ‘Legacy’ 1:1 Solar Feed-In Tariff For all our Customers currently on the fixed-rate Legacy Feed-In Tariff: please be advised that…

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sonnenFlat Tasmania

21 Nov, 2018

Pitched as The Alternative to Aurora, Tasmania’s first ‘second option’ on power tariffs,  sonnen has just announced the release of…

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Moores Hill – Tasmania’s First Off-Grid Winery

22 Oct, 2018

Moores Hill is clearly not a large wine company – with just 7 hectares of vines, total production is a…

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Greens Beach Solar Home

18 Sep, 2018

MODE was thrilled to be involved in the development of what possibly may be the world’s first genuinely emission-free off-grid…

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Farm Energy Audit & Capital Grant Program

30 Aug, 2018

The Tasmanian Government has announced grants of up to $20,000 for Energy-Efficient Infrastructure on Farms. Maximum grant assistance available is…

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Tin Dragon Cottages Eco Spa: Living the Dream

10 Aug, 2018

When it comes to system design, Tin Dragon Cottages is the ultimate example of a renewable energy system designed to…

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InterSolar Europe

24 Jul, 2018

Last month Martin and some other colleagues were able to visit the Fronius headquarters in Austria, and to attend InterSolar,…

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Lithium Ion Batteries – What’s the Difference?

04 Jul, 2018

Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron, Lithium NMC, Lithium Polymer – what’s the difference? We’ve put together a summary to help make things…

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AgFest: 3 – 5 May 2018

10 Apr, 2018

MODE Electrical are thrilled to be once again taking part in AgFest, one of Australia’s top field-days and Tasmania’s premier…

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