Solar Energy Systems

At MODE, we consider solar installation an investment in your organisation’s future. Like any other financial investment, your solar energy system must produce a return.

Organisations that operate during day time hours stand to benefit greatly from solar energy, as the majority of your energy consumption occurs during daylight hours – when your solar panels (see Solar Panels Tasmania) are producing their peak energy. Solar energy can play a major role in reducing your medium to long-term operational costs. Despite the initial capital outlay, the long-term savings on your electricity bills will by far exceed your costs.

Mode can offer:

  • the installation of a high quality, bespoke-designed solution that matches the needs of your organisation
  • monitoring how your investment is performing through our live energy performance and analysis system
  • An experienced and knowledgeable team of specialist solar electricians to accurately understand your requirements, advise on the best solution, and provide ongoing maintenance

Whether catering for a small or large businesses, community organisations, or schoosl, attention to detail is our priorit. Our experience will ensure a smooth and hassle free installation, with minimal interruption for your business.

We use only quality components from world leading manufacturers, and our in-house team of highly professional and Clean Energy Council accredited electricians perform all installations. Find out more about the Tasmania solar feed in tariff system to get up to speed with the current Residential status quo for power usage in Tasmania.


The price of solar power in Tasmania has dropped dramatically over the last 24 months, while electricity prices have skyrocketed and it will only continue to rise. Give us a call to discuss how MODE Electrical can help your business reduce costs and provide you with a custom solar energy system.