Other Renewable Technologies

There are other sources of renewable energy that may be appropriate for your needs and location, which MODE is also well experienced in.


For areas with unobstructed high average wind speeds, a wind turbine can be an effective source of energy, capable of producing electricity at any time of the day or night. Installing a wind turbine can be quite an investment, however on the right site, it can prove to be a more effective option than solar as it can create a larger mass of the energy that may be required for your needs. One wind turbine can be sufficient to generate enough energy for a household. To be worthwhile, the average wind speed needs to be above 18km per hour. The wind turns the blades of the turbine producing kinetic energy that is then converted into electricity.


Small hydroelectric power systems can be an effective power generator if you have a river or creek on your property and used as an off-grid or stand alone power supply. The system works on water pressure and can be ideal if your water source flows with several meters or more head or pressure.

Usually, the water is collected via a pipe from your creek or river, it then is directed to flow down hill to develop head, which gives pressure. Once the water reaches the base of the hill and has developed enough pressure, it is then directed through a jet and onto a pelton wheel. As the high-pressure water hits this wheel it turns an alternator that then generates electricity for your home.

On a good site your micro hydro generator can charge all day, which means you do not need a large battery bank like you do for a solar system. There are few properties in Tasmania that have sufficient amount of water running through to make it viable. If you think hydropower could be a possibility for your property, give us a call and we will assess your property and recommend a solution.


A hybrid solar system combines the best of both solar options – the ease and cost savings of a grid connected system, and the ability to store your own power and use it when you like and peace of mind of having battery backup power.

Benefits of a hybrid solar power system combine those of both a grid-connect and off-grid systems:

  • Guaranteed power supply even in the event of power outage – ideal for unreliable grid power in remote locations
  • Reduction in your power bills by generating power yourself from the sun
  • Select when you use grid-power, or stored self-generated power
  • Take advantage of feed-in tariffs

    Hybrid Solar Power Solution

    Hybrid Solar Power Solution