For Your Home

MODE Electrical is focused on providing our customers with one of the greatest benefits of renewable energy – saving you money while reducing environmental impact.

Using clean energy in your home can reduce your long-term energy costs, buffer you from the rising cost of traditional electricity prices, and add value to your home by reducing your carbon footprint and increasing your energy independence.

You can achieve this whether you are already connected to the electricity grid, or live in a remote location with no access to traditional services.

Solar power is the cleanest and most viable form of renewable energy, and is often the most effective solution for most Tasmanian homes and businesses.

The entire team at MODE is dedicated to helping our clients achieve sustainable and cost-effective renewable energy by harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean, green electricity. Renewable energy helps you take control of your energy costs, and is a positive step to reducing energy consumption and its impact on the environment.