Solar Power Off-Grid

Off-grid solar power systems (stand-alone power systems) are specifically designed for autonomous solar energy generation, and incorporate batteries and generators to maintain a constant supply of electricity to your home, shack or farm.

Off-grid solar could be the right solution for you if you live in a remote location and are unable to access grid-connected electricity, or are choosing to live a self-sufficient lifestyle with minimal impact on our environment (see the solar panel diagram below). These systems are for the most part fully automatic with digital monitoring and minimal maintenance.

How does off-grid solar power work?

  • The solar power is generated by solar panels (eg. Sunpower Solar Panels Tasmania or REC Solar Panels Tasmania) fixed to your roof, shed, or other constructed framework, where the sunlight is converted into energy.
  • The electricity generated is fed via a power controller into a bank of batteries that store the power to be used when required.
  • The power can then converted to mains electricity by a stand-alone inverter, or if you have DC appliances, the power can be used directly from the batteries.
  • The stand-alone inverter delivers 240 volt AC electricity, which is used by normal household appliances such as washing machine, fridge, television etc.
Off-grid Renewable Energy Solution

Off-grid Renewable Energy Solution

Factors to consider

There are a few things to think about when considering an off-grid solar system:

  • The amount of power you require
  • What will be your largest load
  • Your budget
  • The available space for your solar panels to be installed
  • Available storage and location for your battery bank
  • Could wind or hydro power be suitable

Off-grid systems are measured in terms of the power generating capacity (kilowatts), battery size (voltage and amp-hour capacity) and design load (kWh/day). MODE Electrical will discuss all of these considerations with you and help you understand your current energy consumption, then advise on the most efficient and efficient system to suit your needs.