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29 May, 2020

With advanced meters being rolled out across the State, Aurora Power have created their first fully digital, app-based pay-as-you-go product,…

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AGFEST in the Cloud

22 Apr, 2020

  Agfest is one of Australia’s premier Agricultural events – a Tasmanian institution in its own right. This year, concern for…

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Best Small Commercial PV Installation – Solar Cutters Awards 2019

01 Nov, 2019

Another award for the growing trophy cabinet! Congrats to the Mode team for taking home the ‘Best Small Commercial PV…

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The Dales of Derby

22 Aug, 2019

Mode are thrilled to have recently been involved in the development of Dales of Derby, a beautiful group accommodation venue set…

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Powerwall Operating Modes – Tasmania

19 Jul, 2019

Tesla Powerwall is more than sleek piece of wall décor for energy storage. Through the Tesla app, Powerwall operating modes…

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100kW Off-Grid Power Station

06 Jun, 2019

Mode have recently completed the design and installation of a fully autonomous, remotely monitored and controlled off-grid solar power station for a large…

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1st Energy Tasmania

15 Mar, 2019

On 18 February this year, 1st Energy entered the Tasmanian electricity market as Aurora’s first serious competitor. Although the Tasmanian government introduced…

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Blue Derby Pods

13 Dec, 2018

Blue Derby Pods Ride is a three-day mountain biking experience based from unique and exclusive off-the-grid accommodation Pods in Derby,…

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Transitional Feed-In Tariff

26 Nov, 2018

End of the ‘Legacy’ 1:1 Solar Feed-In Tariff For all our Customers currently on the fixed-rate Legacy Feed-In Tariff: please be advised that…

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sonnenFlat Tasmania

21 Nov, 2018

Pitched as The Alternative to Aurora, Tasmania’s first ‘second option’ on power tariffs,  sonnen has just announced the release of…

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