100kW Off-Grid Power Station

06 Jun, 2019

Mode have recently completed the design and installation of a fully autonomous, remotely monitored and controlled off-grid solar power station for a large commercial vineyard/homestead on Tasmania’s beautiful East Coast.


The system is designed to supply 3-phase irrigation pumps for watering the vineyard, for pumping water from the Tasmanian Irrigation Scheme and local river, and for supplying power to a workshop and the Owner’s home.

The system has been designed specifically for seasonal variability in load and solar generation. To balance power generation with load over the Winter months, Mode recommended installation of electric floor heating to take advantage of the surplus power available over Winter when there is no need for irrigation pumping.

The river pump was over-sized to enable the required amount of water to be pumped from the river during a 6-hour window during short Winter days, allowing power to be provided directly by the solar array rather than placing a drain on the batteries by pumping overnight.

Developing strategies to match load to power generation has enabled the system to run with minimal generator backup.

All cable reticulation (>1,500m) has been installed underground to maintain the aesthetics of this highly scenic area.

System Specs: 99.06kW Solar PV + 288kWh (Total) Battery

  •  156 x 385W  P19 SunPower Panels + 100 x 390W P19 SunPower Panels
  • 10 x 8.2kW Selectronic-Certified Fronius Primo 8.2-1 Inverters
  • 3 x 15kW Selectronic SPLC1200 SP PRO Inverter Chargers

Control Room Panorama II

  • 120x 2v BAE 8PVV1200 Battery Cells
  • 1 x 80kVa Pramac GSW80P fully-enclosed bunted generator

Upgraded Battery  Generator in Context

An E-Maxx third-party monitoring platform was installed to provide a clear, intuitive interface for the system, allowing the entire sophisticated, complex system to be simply managed by the Owner and Vineyard Employees.

Due to the remote location of this site, mobile coverage and internet access tends to be very poor. A 4G booster and modem were installed at the Workshop with a wireless link to the Homestead and Power Station to allow for remote monitoring of the system.

The end result is a robust, reliable renewable power supply with very little ongoing costs.

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