aurora +

29 May, 2020

With advanced meters being rolled out across the State, Aurora Power have created their first fully digital, app-based pay-as-you-go product, aurora+.

Advanced meters are a wireless metering device used to measure electricity consumption at 30 minute intervals. Where mobile phone coverage allows, this wireless technology enables accurate, up-to-date readings to be sent to Aurora Energy. This has created opportunity for products such as aurora+.

aurora+ updates and displays your power usage and costs on a daily basis. It is available for domestic customers with an advanced meter, and works with both the standard Light & Power Tariff 31/Hot Water Heating Tariff 41, as well as with Time-of-Use Tariff 93.

aurora+ adds an additional 11c per day ($40.15 (incl. GST) over a year) to the existing costs of your meter connection and power consumption.

For this additional cost you get easy-to-access Aurora account information, immediate account notifications and alerts, and clear daily visual monitoring of your daily energy usage and current account balance. Your balance can be conveniently topped up from your smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time.

Customers with standard quarterly billing will not be able to access this information, even when they have an Advanced meter installed.

If you find after a time that aruora+ is not for you, you’re able to simply return to a standard quarterly billing scheme.

For further information, see the Aurora Energy website.