Category: Battery Storage

Powerwall Operating Modes – Tasmania

19 Jul, 2019

Tesla Powerwall is more than sleek piece of wall décor for energy storage. Through the Tesla app, Powerwall operating modes…

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Solar Battery Storage – Getting it Right

26 Apr, 2019

Don’t be carried away with the glamour of having battery storage, just for the sake of having battery storage. Having…

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sonnenFlat Tasmania

21 Nov, 2018

Pitched as The Alternative to Aurora, Tasmania’s first ‘second option’ on power tariffs,  sonnen has just announced the release of…

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Lithium Ion Batteries – What’s the Difference?

04 Jul, 2018

Lithium Ion, Lithium Iron, Lithium NMC, Lithium Polymer – what’s the difference? We’ve put together a summary to help make things…

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CONSORT Battery Trial Update

22 Mar, 2018

For the past two years Mode has been involved in the CONSORT Battery Trial, a ground-breaking multi-million-dollar trial based on…

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Bruny Island Home Battery Trial

29 Nov, 2016

MODE is thrilled to be involved in the installation phase of a world-first trial currently taking place on Bruny Island….

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Tesla home battery and MODE

26 Jul, 2016

MODE are thrilled to announce that we are now Certified Installers & Resellers of Tesla Energy Powerwall Batteries In today’s climate of increasing…

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MODE expands industrial battery services

25 Nov, 2014

Mode Electrical has become Tasmanian distributors for GNB motive power battery solutions We have expanded our range of services to include not only…

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