Bruny Island Home Battery Trial

29 Nov, 2016

MODE is thrilled to be involved in the installation phase of a world-first trial currently taking place on Bruny Island.

The $2.9 million project funded by ARENA is led by the Australian National University (ANU), and is focused on examining the potential for home batteries to play an active role in grid power management.

Up to 40 hybrid systems will be installed in homes on Bruny Island.

The innovative battery control hardware and software developed by one of our product partners, Reposit Power, will be used to monitor live data on customer energy usage, household PV generation, and even weather forecasts to predict how much energy will be generated and consumed by the household over a 24 hour period.

This information will then be used by sophisticated software developed by researchers at ANU to ‘negotiate’ the amount and price of power exchanged between individual home battery systems and the local network.

Researchers will use data collected from this trial to assess the impact of distributed, co-ordinated utilisation of customer-owned battery systems on stabilisation of local power supply, while still allowing customers to optimise their own energy consumption and benefit from contributions to the grid.

We’re keen to see where this innovative Australian research will lead, and what benefits such research may ultimately provide to home battery owners!