Tesla home battery and MODE

26 Jul, 2016

MODE are thrilled to announce that we are now Certified Installers & Resellers of Tesla Energy Powerwall Batteries

TE Certified Installer

In today’s climate of increasing power costs and tariff restrictions, battery storage is an exciting and very topical issue. Although storage batteries for solar systems have been available for some time, up until very recently the technology was simply not available to make this a user-friendly option.

Just released in Australia, the SMA SunnyBoy Storage system has now been developed to smoothly integrate high-voltage batteries with any existing system, regardless of Inverter brand. It can be used in conjunction with a Tesla Powerwall or various other Lithium Ion batteries stocked by MODE to provide a state-of-the-art power storage solution for your home.

When used with the new opt-in  ‘Time of Use’ Tariff 93 (see Tasmania solar feed in tariff) ,battery storage has the potential to offer significant cost savings, and a multitude of other benefits.