BAE Off-Grid Batteries

BAE are German lead-acid batteries with long cycle life and excellent deep discharge capability.

These high-quality batteries have a proven performance record under extreme conditions in a diverse range of application fields, from industrial energy systems to small domestic systems suitable for the holiday shack.

MODE supply valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) PVV solar gel batteries in two forms – 2V cells, and solar blocks (6V or 12V).

BAE PVV Solar Block

PVV Solar Block batteries are best suited to smaller solar photovolatic installations.

BAE_ Solar Block


PVV Solar Block Datasheet


BAE PVV 2V Cells

PVV 2V battery cells are used in conjunction with medium-to-large photovolatic systems.

BAE 2v cell

PVV 2V Cell Datasheet


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For further information, see the BAE Website.