Selectronic SP PRO Battery Inverter

Selectronic is an Australian-owned Company founded in 1964 that has grown to become one of the largest off-grid inverter manufacturers world-wide.

The Selectronic SP Pro is a top-quality, Australian-manufactured multi-mode bi-directional battery inverter suitable for off-grid, hybrid, and grid-support applications.

With wonderful design flexibility and superb service support, the SP Pro is backed by a warranty of up to 10 years.*




SP-PRO Specifications

Power: (AC) 3kw – 60kW continuous

Peak Efficiency: 95 – 97.2% (depending on model)

Operating Temperature Range: –10°C to 60°C

Phase Compatibility: Single, dual, or 3-Phase

Switching Time (between grid/generator & batteries): < 0.03 seconds

Data Logging Storage: Up to 2.5 years

Warranty: 10 years*


Benefits Include:

  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Industry-leading surge capacity
  • AC- or DC-coupling compatible
  • Low battery shutdown override in case of emergency
  • Integrated generator controller to maximise system efficiency
  • True 100% charge capacity
  • Free SP LINK software to monitor your system
  • Intuitive & well-defined graphical interface displaying:
    • charger status
    • charge source
    • remaining usable battery capacity
    • alarms
    • AC status
  • Backwards compatible, free software updates
  • True transition from a hybrid to an off-grid system or vice versa
  • Comprehensive after-sales support

*when installed by a Selectronic Accredited Integrator, & warranty is registered online within 60 days of installation.

Compatible Solar Inverters:

Fronius Primo Selectronic Certified

  • Fronius (Selectronic Certified)
  • SelectSun
  • ABB (Selectronic Certified)


Compatabile Batteries:


SP PRO Series II Data Sheet
SP PRO Warranty Terms & Conditions