Reposit Energy Management System

Mode are your Tasmanian Approved Partner for Reposit Power, an Australian company that has designed intelligent energy management systems for solar and hybrid grid-connected systems.



The highly intelligent software ‘learns’ your energy consumption patterns over time and intuitively adapts your solar management systems to optimise consumption.

  • Installed within 1m of the household main switchboard
  • Requires 350MB bandwith per month
  • Operating temperature of -10°C to +55°C

Reposit First

This management system is designed specifically for homes with or without solar panels. It enables home owners to track and monitor their energy usage to realistically determine whether solar and solar battery storage would work for them.

You can log in from yourpersonal desktop computer, tablet, or smart-phone to:

  • See your energy usage in real time
  • View and track home energy costs
  • Audit your power bills

If you already have solar, you can:

  • Monitor your system’s performance
  • Predict your solar generation and energy consumption 24 hours in advance
  • Help you determine the best times to use your energy-draining appliances such as the washing machine and dish washer.

If you decide to install a solar/solar battery system, upgrading to Reposit is simple and cost-effective. Your data and the patterns learnt from this base model are applied to Reposit.

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Specifically designed for homes with existing solar and potential solar battery, Reposit enables you to optimise your entire solar/battery system to provide you with the lowest possible power bill, regardless of how you use your electricity.

 How Reposit Works

How It Works


Your local weather forecast is monitored, and the system learns your power usage habits to determine how best to power your home from your battery, solar, or the grid.

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 Reposit Infinite

Working the way as Reposit, Reposit Infite simply enables home owners to combine new or existing solar systems with any number of Reposit-compatible solar batteries.

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