What did MODE do in South Sudan?

20 Oct, 2014

MODE has just returned from 5 weeks in Africa, 4 of which were in war torn South Sudan.

The main purpose of this visit was to check over the solar power system which we had installed, and to provide a performance report now that the system has been running for 2 years. We also put together an electrical master plan and load forecast for future growth of the hospital, technical college and associated buildings. To give you a perspective on its growth, the hospital delivered 9 babies in September 2012, whereas in June 2014 they delivered 94! This is great news for the local community; but means an increased need for oxygen concentrators, more lights, more medicine and blood needing refrigeration, and therefore an increased electrical load. Besides this aspect we also wired up the new technical college which will be used to teach practical skills like sewing, carpentry, agriculture and administration.

You will find more photos and information from our trip by clicking here.

South Sudan Solar Array