Tin Dragon Cottages Eco Spa: Living the Dream

10 Aug, 2018

When it comes to system design, Tin Dragon Cottages is the ultimate example of a renewable energy system designed to provide long-term power security to a complex site with a family home, workshop, and 5 accommodation units.


Comprised of a 4kW micro-hydro system, 17.5kW of solar PV strategically located around the site as 3 independent solar arrays, and 27kWh battery storage with a UPS back-up to ensure instantaneous backup to selected loads in the event of a grid outage, the system is designed to enable the site to operate independently of the grid, while still retaining the security of grid-connection as a final back-up.


The hydro system generates power 24/7 to provide a constant source of power to charge the battery and supplement load requirements, and can generate an average of around 26,000kWh per annum.

The Solar PV can generate approximately 23,000kWh per annum, and is arranged to continue to charge the battery during a grid outage, enabling the battery & backup unit to remain charged and functional even if the gird were down for prolonged periods of time.

Both hydro and solar power generation supply active loads on site, then any excess is then diverted into 2x Tesla Powerwall battery systems to be stored for later use. Once the batteries are full, surplus power is exported to the grid.

Solar Array   Graham & Christine  IMG_2825

When energy demand on site is higher than the combined solar/hydro system can provide (such as during times of inclement weather or high energy demand at night), loads are supplemented by power stored in the batteries. The grid is able to provide extra power as a last resort.

Multiple independent power sources in conjunction with a quality, reliable battery storage/backup solution give Tin Dragon Cottages the ability to weather Tasmania’s changeable weather and any unexpected events that may disrupt normal power supply (up to and including the Zombie apocalypse)!

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