Put the kettle on for the Solar industry

01 Aug, 2014

Host a Cuppa Sunshine in August and help Solar Citizens petition the Government to keep the future of solar strong in Australia. The Government is aiming to reduce or completely remove the Renewable Energy Target which will have a huge impact on jobs and investment in the solar industry, and make it harder for people to reduce their energy bills by switching to solar.

For one week in August, people will come together around Australia in workplaces, cafes, living rooms and local communities to enjoy a Cuppa Sunshine. This national event is an opportunity for you to get together with your friends, workmates, neighbours or community groups to show key balance of power senators just how much Australians care about a strong solar future.

For more information or to host a Cuppa Sunshine, sign up at Solar Citizens Cuppa Sunshine and they will provide everything you need to make your event a success.

Cuppa Sunshine