Nzara Hospital solar power system is complete

22 Mar, 2016

The final result was a containerised portable power solution that delivers 100kWh of clean energy every day without the need for diesel generator.
With the generator as a backup and the ability to start when required the system will continue to provide the critical 24/7 power required even when there is an unexpected increase in load, or a bad week of sun exposure.
The result means refrigeration is able to run reliably, therefore blood and specialist medicine is available at the hospital at all times.This system has truly revolutionised this hospital by providing reliable power and will certainly serve the needs of this community long into the future.

The photos below provide a picture of how the project came together on site.

Container arrival 1

Finally arrival of our precious cargo

Unloading 2

Unloading what we could to lighten the containers ready for lifting

Unloading containers 2A

16000 kg power station lifted into place

Frame construction 3

Footings for frame construction

Frame construction 4

Installing the 160 solar modules

The team 8

The team

Training 10

System operation training

System complete 12

The completed system

Thankyou 13