MODE is off to South Sudan

11 Aug, 2014

Following up from our award winning off-grid solar project in South Sudan in 2012, Martin is off again to implement stage two of this life saving project.

In September 2012 an Australian doctor and his family moved to South Sudan to work with another doctor on site and expand a remote hospital in Yei. At the time, Sudan was experiencing a 1 in 10 infant mortality rate, and 1 in 5 child mortality rate. The hospital needed a reliable power source with minimal need for diesel, so MODE Electrical designed, built, and transported a complete solar energy system to provide much needed power. You can read all the details of the project here.

As a result of the doctors and their team, along with a reliable power source to provide life saving care, a death has been avoided in 1 in 4 births, the hospital can now provide oxygen 24/7, and South Sudan now has its first blood bank. This project won an award at the Clean Energy Council 2013 awards, and Martin recently traveled to Sydney to present the results of this project at the 2014 Clean Energy Week Conference. You can view the presentation here.

We’ll keep you posted on stage two of this incredibly rewarding project.