Transitional Feed-In Tariff

26 Nov, 2018

End of the ‘Legacy’ 1:1 Solar Feed-In Tariff

For all our Customers currently on the fixed-rate Legacy Feed-In Tariff: please be advised that this Tariff will be finishing on 31 December 2018.


Introduction of the Transitional Feed-In Tariff

Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania, recently announced that solar PV systems currently on the Legacy Tariff will be moved to a Transitional Feed-In Tariff for a transitional period of 12 months. The Transitional Feed-In Tariff will pay 13.541 c/Kwh (5c above the current Standard Feed-In Tariff prices).

This Tariff will be in place for 12 months, until 31 December 2019. After this time it is expected that everyone with grid-connected solar PV in Tasmania will be placed on the same Standard Feed-In Tariff (currently 8.541 c/kWh).

See recent media coverage of this new development here.