MODEComplete is a holistic renewable energy service that advises, designs, installs, manages, and monitors the complete and most effective energy system for your home. It is tailor made to suit your individual needs while placing a high emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainable living. We will work with you to design a system either connected to the grid or off-grid that is correctly sized for your individual needs, and can be complimented with efficient hot water and home heating systems. Lighting is also a major energy use on your home; therefore selecting the right type of LED lighting is an important part of home efficiency and comfort. We arrange all permits and applications for electricity connection and rebates, and your system is installed by our in house electricians… we don’t use sub-contractors.

As licensed electricians we can offer the complete renewable energy solution that is engineered specific to your lifestyle.


MODE Electrical is a team of electricians passionate about renewable energy, not salesmen. We are honest, transparent, know our products inside out, and can advise on the most effective solution for you based on our years of direct and hands on experience. Dealing direct with the same electricians from initial enquiry to installation offers you peace of mind, a seamless experience, and knowledge that we back our recommendation and products 100%.

The team at MODE Electrical all are licensed electricians with full accreditations and are compliant to safety standards and procedures. The team are A Grade Electricians, Licensed Electrical Contractors, hold Refrigerant Handling License, and are Clean Energy Council Accredited.


Each enquiry and project is approached on an individual project-by-project basis; we believe that there is not a one size fits all solution to renewable energy. We will evaluate your specific current load profile and energy consumption goals to determine the right sized system for your needs, we will select the most effective and quality components, and design a system based on your location, your house design, your brief to us and budget. At the planning and design stage of new home builds, we can also advise on the most effective house layout for efficient renewable energy use and to maximise the amount of energy harnessed.

Solar PV Systems

There is no doubt solar energy is a way of the future, and MODE Electrical are recognised as leaders in the design and installation of solar power systems in Tasmania. There are two options for solar PV systems – those that are connected to the existing electricity grid, or those that are off-grid or stand alone power systems. Solar PV is often the most common, accessible and viable renewable energy option that MODE recommends and installs, and forms the primary component of MODEComplete.

Solar PV – Grid Connect

Save money and take control of your electricity bills with energy from the sun. MODE Electrical will advise on the correct sized system for your needs, location, and current energy use, while drawing minimal power from the grid.

Click here for full details and information on grid connected solar power systems.

Solar PV – Off-Grid

Whether an off-grid energy solution is a necessity due to your location, or simply a lifestyle choice, MODE Electrical is experienced in providing solutions for a broad scale of projects.

Click here to see the full scope of off-grid energy solutions MODE Electrical can offer, along with technical specifications.

Hot Water

MODE is a specialist in Heat Pump Hot Water systems, which use the same heating technology as your traditional heat pump. It is highly efficient, and doesn’t require solar panels on your roof. It absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water, in a way that saves energy, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. More information here.


MODEComplete can also include heating solutions for your home that complements your solar power system. Heat Pumps offer an efficient and clean, filtered form of heating and cooling. Input power is one third of the output power, which provides a very cost effective versatile solution to heat you home.

Hydronic heating powered by Sanden Heat Pump Compressors provides a high efficiency heating system that can be integrated into your hot water system with just one power source. It provides a passive heating system with no noise, no fans and therefore no drafts. Home heating can be achieved by installing radiators on your walls, radiators in the floor or heating through your slab.


As licensed electricians, MODE Electrical can design and install your home lighting requirements as a component of the MODEComplete solution.

High quality LED fittings are low maintenance with no lamp to replace, and are highly efficient with input power as low as just 8W to produce 50W output. The investment of including LED lighting to your MODEComplete solution could be paid back in less than three years with the cost savings generated.

Home Electrical Design

As a component of MODEComplete, MODE Electrical can design and install all the electrical wiring for new build homes in conjunction with offering the complete renewable energy solution that is specific to your new home needs.


MODE Electrical not only advise and install the complete renewable energy solution for your home, we also supply and back all of the products we use. We hold the majority of our recommended products in stock in our warehouse, which rules out reliance on the ‘middle man’ and unpredictable delivery schedules. This also allows us to provide competitive pricing because we’re able to distribute the products we recommend directly to you. We only supply products and components that are high quality, with strong reputations, and warranties that stand. All warranty replacements and any repairs that are required are completed by MODE.

Energy Monitoring

One of the most empowering features of MODEComplete is the energy monitoring application powered by SMA. The web-based tool can be downloaded as an app to your phone, and provides you with real-time information on your energy consumption and current energy source. At any time of the day, and from anywhere, you can know how much power you are sourcing from the sun, if your currently sourcing power from the grid, or if you are producing more power that you need and are exporting back to the grid.

It provides an accurate picture of how and when you use your power, allowing you to increase self-consumption and self-sufficiency, and minimise the power you send back to the grid.