Good news about bad weather and Reposit

15 Sep, 2017

Reposit is rapidly becoming acknowledged as a unique and game-changing element in solar battery storage value optimisation.

Reposit Power‘s  intelligent and responsive software is ideally suited to Tasmanian conditions, making the most of both our weather patterns and Tasmania’s Time of Use (TOU) Tariff (Tariff 93).

In Tasmania electricity TOU prices are cheapest between 10am – 4pm, and from 9pm – 7am the following day Monday – Friday, and all weekend (as shown in green the diagram below).


Figure 1: Tasmanian ‘Peak’ and ‘Off-Peak’ Times

Reposit software enables battery storage owners to takes advantage of the TOU tariff by using advanced algorithms to automatically charge the battery during cheaper off-peak times.

What’s more,  Reposit only does this when its weather forecasting calculates that the solar system won’t provide enough energy to the battery to cover predicted usage during the next day and evening.

Without Reposit, many solar batteries will not fully charge from the solar on a cloudy day, which wastes unused battery capacity.

The good news about Reposit  is that grid-connected solar battery owners with a TOU plan will have a lower electricity bill because the battery will be fully charged from either the solar or off-peak grid rates when there is not enough sun.


How Reposit can lower your Energy Cost


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