Tigo Optimisers

TIGO is a Silicon Valley Company specialising in solar optimisers – technology designed to maximise energy harvest from PV solar systems.

Their TS4 micro-optimisers, designed to work at a modular level, can be added to as many or as few of your panels as you would like to provide system monitoring, safety features, and optimisation.


Mode offers three models of the TIGO TS4 Optimiser:

TS4-M Monitoring

The TS4-M Optimiser is the most basic model we offer, providing continuous module-level system-wide monitoring to help maximise system up-time and identify potential performance issues before they become serious problems. Best for systems without shading issues.

TS4 Monitoring Optimiser

  • PV-2.0 data synchronisation
  • Module bar code tracking
  • Fleet management
  • CRM integration
  • Warranty tracking
  • Team Management

TS4-S Safety

The TS4-S Optimiser is best for solar installations without shading. In addition to providing increased insight on system performance, the TS4-S is designed to provide the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure your solar system conforms to local fire regulations.

TS4-S Safety Optimiser

  • All the benefits of TS4-M
  • NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown-compliant
  • Module-level deactivation
  • Automatic or manual shutdown
  • Over-temperature protection

 TS4-O Optimisation

The TS4-O optimiser is ideal for roofs with shading issues, allowing for enhanced energy yield and increased design flexibility.

TS4-O Optimiser

All the benefits of both the TS4-M and TS4-S

  • Shade and age tolerance
  • Enhanced energy yield
  • Greater design flexiblity
  • Maximised roof usage


TS4-M Datasheet
TS4-S Datasheet
TS4-O Datasheet
Tigo Warranty

For further information, see the Tigo website.