Tesla home battery and MODE

26 Jul, 2016

MODE are thrilled to announce that we are now Certified Installers & Resellers of Tesla Energy Powerwall Batteries

TE Certified Installer

In today’s climate of increasing power costs and tariff restrictions, battery storage is an exciting and very topical issue. Although storage batteries for solar systems have been available for some time, up until very recently the technology was simply not available to make this a user-friendly option.

Just released in Australia, the SMA SunnyBoy Storage system has now been developed to smoothly integrate high-voltage batteries with any existing system, regardless of Inverter brand. It can be used in conjunction with a Tesla Powerwall or various other Lithium Ion batteries stocked by MODE to provide a state-of-the-art power storage solution for your home.

When used with the new opt-in  ‘Time of Use’ Tariff 93, battery storage has the potential to offer significant cost savings, and a multitude of other benefits. See our Website for further details and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


Bright News for the Future of Solar Power

20 May, 2016

Solar Panels

A recent exciting break-through by Australian Engineers at the University of NSW has significantly increased the energy conversion potential of solar cells, jumping the world record from 24% to an impressive 34.5% sunlight-to-electricity efficiency. Even more impressively, they achieve this level of efficiency using un-concentrated sunlight, just like the modules on family homes.

In addition to being substantially more efficient, these new solar cells also cover considerably less surface area than previous record-holding cells.

The cells work by splitting sunlight into four separate bands, which are then absorbed by four different layers made from materials specifically developed to optimise efficiency.

Although the cost of these cells is currently prohibitive for large-scale commercial production, this unexpectedly rapid progress in photovoltaric technology should ultimately enable solar power to be even more affordable into the future, further lowering investment costs and delivering faster payback to homes and businesses.

For further information click here

Nzara Hospital solar power system is complete

22 Mar, 2016

The final result was a containerised portable power solution that delivers 100kWh of clean energy every day without the need for diesel generator.
With the generator as a backup and the ability to start when required the system will continue to provide the critical 24/7 power required even when there is an unexpected increase in load, or a bad week of sun exposure.
The result means refrigeration is able to run reliably, therefore blood and specialist medicine is available at the hospital at all times.This system has truly revolutionised this hospital by providing reliable power and will certainly serve the needs of this community long into the future.

The photos below provide a picture of how the project came together on site.

Container arrival 1

Finally arrival of our precious cargo

Unloading 2

Unloading what we could to lighten the containers ready for lifting

Unloading containers 2A

16000 kg power station lifted into place

Frame construction 3

Footings for frame construction

Frame construction 4

Installing the 160 solar modules

The team 8

The team

Training 10

System operation training

System complete 12

The completed system

Thankyou 13



No Interest Loans Network of Tasmania (NILS)

11 Nov, 2015

This may sound to good to be true, but its not! Do you know someone with a healthcare card or pensioners card and lives in Tasmania? If so you need to read this flyer! Contact Mode Electrical to find out more information about how you can receive thousands of dollars in rebates when you purchase a sanden energy efficient hot water system.




NILS is now offering a massive 60% subsidy for energy efficient hot water systems for low income households.

People interested in buying a heat pump or solar hot water system should check their eligibility for assistance through the No Interest Loans Scheme.

This scheme is run by the No Interest Loans Network of Tasmania (NILS) and support is available to people who have a Heath Care Card, Pension Concession Card or Department of Veteran’s Affairs Card, have been in their accommodation to at least 6 months and rely on Centrelink (or DVA) for a significant part of their income.

Solar Energy Project South Sudan

06 Nov, 2015

Mode Electrical has been engaged to design, construct and install a complete power system for a rural hospital in South Sudan.

Containerised power system construction

Containerised power system construction

Solar Power Station for Africa

Solar Power Station for Africa

A $300,000 budget will provide a system to support current basic facilities and planned expansion including X-ray, reliable laboratory testing, blood transfusion, monitoring equipment for over 30,000 inpatient visits, ongoing care for 2000 HIV/Aids clients and 3000 in patients half under five years of age.

The formal scoping planning started in 2014 with a systematic review of the current and planned equipment used at the hospital. From this data a system was designed to provide sufficient power for current and future development of the Hospital facilities.

Mode Electrical has had experience working in South Sudan constructing an award winning project in 2013 for a containerised power system for a different hospital in the area. More information about this project can be found here

The construction and pre commissioning stage of the project is now complete with shipping containers on the way to the site. Installation of the solar array and final power up of the system is planned for January 2016.

Loading the container with site equipment

Loading the container with site equipment

The system comprises for a 40kWp solar array mounted on the ground (144 panels) a 100kWh of usable battery storage, backup diesel generator, SMA inverter/chargers, and remote monitoring and control equipment.

Below is drawing of what the finish system will look like complete with vented generator shed, power station and ground mounted solar array.

Solar Power Station

Solar Power Station

MODE expands industrial battery services

25 Nov, 2014

Mode Electrical has become Tasmanian distributors for GNB motive power battery solutions

We have expanded our range of services to include not only battery banks for off grid solar power systems but also for motive power technologies. These services include industrial electric vehicles including forklifts, to golf buggies and anything in between. We provide maintenance, testing and complete replacement of battery systems for all industrial battery applications.

Check out www.exide.com for more information on the solutions we can offer.

REC Solar Professional

21 Oct, 2014

REC launches Solar Professional program to support leading solar companies and benefit customers who choose qualified installers.

REC solar professional logo

Being a REC solar professional means MODE has access to specialist training courses to up skill our employees. We can now offer 12 year product warranty on REC modules rather than the standard 10 years. REC is among the most reliable module suppliers in the market who takes responsibility beyond the sale of modules. In case of an approved claim, REC will compensate us for costs meaning our clients receive the fastest service possible in the unlikely event of a claim.

Take a tour of REC Solar’s automated production plant by clicking here.

What did MODE do in South Sudan?

20 Oct, 2014

MODE has just returned from 5 weeks in Africa, 4 of which were in war torn South Sudan.

The main purpose of this visit was to check over the solar power system which we had installed, and to provide a performance report now that the system has been running for 2 years. We also put together an electrical master plan and load forecast for future growth of the hospital, technical college and associated buildings. To give you a perspective on its growth, the hospital delivered 9 babies in September 2012, whereas in June 2014 they delivered 94! This is great news for the local community; but means an increased need for oxygen concentrators, more lights, more medicine and blood needing refrigeration, and therefore an increased electrical load. Besides this aspect we also wired up the new technical college which will be used to teach practical skills like sewing, carpentry, agriculture and administration.

You will find more photos and information from our trip by clicking here.

South Sudan Solar Array


Rally For Renewables

23 Sep, 2014

Rally For Renewables

Join the nation-wide rally this Friday and show your support for Renewable Energy and the RET.

Organised by the Clean Energy Council, Solar Citizens, and Australian Solar Council, the coordinated rallies all around Australia are being held in support of maintaining the current RET scheme and the renewables industry. For Tasmania, the RET is vital to supporting jobs and our economy, and of course the role the RET plays in moving our State towards a more sustainable future.

See you this Friday September 26 outside the office of Senator Eric Abetz at 136 Davey Street, Hobart.