ABC Radio: Off-Grid Installation in South Sudan

08 Feb, 2018

Martin Dingemanse on the Nzara Hospital Installation

From a leisurely coffee in Melbourne to digging trenches in war-torn South Sudan – listen as Martin reflects on some of the motivations and characters behind this amazing journey.

  • Cricket match on an armed military air strip? Check.
  • UN roadblocks? Check.
  • Reflections on South Sudanese beer? Check.
  • Civil unrest and gunshots in the night? Check.
  • Selfless service and a vision of hope? Check.

Because there’s no border to humanity.

Episode 1: Monday 29 January 2018


Nzara Delivery Nzara UN

Episode 2: Tuesday 30 January 2018


Nzara Neighbourhood

Episode 3: Wednesday 31 January 2018


Nzara Hospital Nzara Hospital III

Episode 4: Thursday 1 February 2018


Nzara Completed Install